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Gabrielle: (while mowing down her enemies) “Xena! I think we need a vacation!”
Xena: “My thoughts exactly, Gabrielle.”

Me too. I’m off on vacation for a week or so. See y’all when I get back.

Blind Faith

Common Enemies

Acutely Gorgeous

Mr. Willis of Ohio 

Stunning Sarah Wayne

Knock Knock

In the good old days..

In the good old days..

Blind Faith

True Colours

Tsianina Joelson

Gabrielle: “Are you sure?”
Xena: “Yes Gabrielle, I’m sure. You go ahead and take your clothes off and bathe in the lake and I’ll keep watching…er… I mean I’ll check out your perimeter…I mean I’ll check I’m not coming - That no one’s coming!”
Gabrielle: “Xena are you alright?”
Xena: “Just get naked Gabrielle.”

Sarah Shahi

Sarah Shahi

Hail House